January 20, 2018


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Why join the American Cigar Box Guitar Association by Steve Arvey

 We formed this organization, number one to help the outstanding builders in the United States of America and Canada. I have been a hard working musician for over forty years now, and have performed all over the world. I am not a newcomer to the industry. I was a Gibson endorsed artist, representing that brand in Australia and in England. …

Clarksdale International Cigar Box Guitar Festival

The Clarksdale International Cigar Box Guitar Festival has become a four day event. The event will focus on the influence of the Cigar Box Guitar and it’s effect it has had on music. Clarksdale is the crossroad of the American music scene. The history within in this small Mississippi town is enormous, many Blues legends have played or past thru making …

Georgia CBG Festival

Georgia Cigar Box Guitar Festival The festival to be held at the Hood Art Center near Atlanta, Georgia on September 9, 2017 Hood Street Art Center & Second Hand Smoke Guitars will be hosting the upcoming Georgia Cigar Box Guitar Festival & Trade Show on August 9th! There will be some fantastic featured acts, such as A.J. Gaither OMB and One Hand Dan, as well …